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Oil and Gas


„Know-how” of Biuro Projektów „Nafta-Gaz” Sp. z o.o. is based on years of experience in designed development of oil and gas fields, transmission and natural gas distribution. The combining of a multi-sector experience and technical knowledge enables us to execute even the most complex designs for the oil and gas mining industry. Regardless of the size of the investment or its degree of complexity, we treat each client individually and develop design solutions based on a thorough analysis of his needs. Using modern design tools and comprehensive management systems, we pursue to maximize the use of available resources and expertise to optimize the work. We are aware that well prepared design documentation is the basis for the successful execution of the investment, therefore in our solutions, we put pressure on high quality, reliability and efficiency of provided services as well as the optimizing of the cost of investments. We perform comprehensive design documentation for such objects like:

  • well areas of oil and natural gas
  • oil and gas pipelines
  • oil and natural gas mines
  • gas storage facilities
  • gas compressor stations
  • metering, control and reduction-metering gas stations
  • gas distribution and measuring nodes
  • transmission high-pressure gas pipelines
  • pipelines and distribution networks of mean and low pressure
  • cathodic protection installation



We offer comprehensive design services covering all stages of the investment for oil and gas mining industry:

  • Program – spatial concepts
  • Functional and utility programs
  • Feasibility studies and pre-design analysis
  • Base and technological designs
  • Stocktaking of natural environment
  • Expertise in the field of environmental protection
  • Reports and analysis of the project’s impact on the environment and obtaining decisions
  • Obtaining all required by law agreements and decisions in the investment process
  • Reports on water and law matters, air pollution, noise emissions and other elaborations
  • Main designs with obtaining a building permit
  • Detailed designs in the scope of all branches
  • Technical documentation for JN (Notified Entity), UDT (Technical Supervision Office) and TDT (Technical Transport Supervision)
  • Specialized studies and engineering expertise
  • Strength calculations and analysis of the process risk
  • Measurements and surveying studies
  • Bills of quantities, cost estimates and statement of the investment costs
  • Tender documentation of the equipment and devices
  • Completion and delivery of equipment and devices
  • Technical advice
  • Investment and author’s supervisions
  • As-built documentation
  • Providing project engineer's services during investment's execution
  • Obtaining required legal permits related to the operation of facilities